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References and Examples

Uses BadmintonPeople as official badminton portal and CMS for federation websites

Portal features: Team Tournaments, Results, Individual Tournaments and Registration with payment, Rankings, Season plans, Federation webshop and much more.
Go to - Badminton Denmarks official website:
Auto-updated staff lists, calendar views, news module and much more.
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English version - click here

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Badminton Europe: Uses BadmintonPeople for their new website - Badminton Europes official website:
Professional news module, map page of Europe, player profiles, member associaltions, calendar system, ranking previews, development projects, live TV page and much more.
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Badminton Clubs

Several Badminton clubs uses BadmintonPeople to build and show the Club Website, Share pictures and files, Member communication, Member database etc.

For example:

Solrød Strand Badmintonklub - Danish club that plays in the best league

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News from Badminton Europe

A lot of new faces at the Centre of Excellence
1/16/2018 4: | Emma Lollike |
The high-performance training centre in Holbæk, Denmark, has a lot of visitors this week. One of ...
Vote for BEC Awards 2017 now
1/15/2018 1 | Emma Lollike |
The awards for the best European players in 2017 kicks off today. Badminton Europe calls on all badm...
Familiar faces embark on the 'new' tour
1/15/2018 1 | Emma Lollike |
Qualifying rounds for the PERODUA Malaysia Masters 2018 starts on Tuesday along with the first round...
- You will see me in Tokyo
1/15/2018 1 | Rasmus Bech(BEC) |
Soraya De Visch Eijbergen is definitely back from her injury, and the ambitions are big for the form...
Back-to-back victories for Käsbauer and Konon
1/14/2018 | Rasmus Bech(BEC) |
The experienced Germans took their first title at Estonia as they are winning back-to-back tournamen...
Double up for Moore and Käsbauer
1/13/2018 | Rasmus Bech(BEC) |
Jenny Moore and Peter Käsbauer will be busy on the final day of Yonex Estonian International after w...
No more luck for Kuuba
1/13/2018 | Rasmus Bech(BEC) |
The semi-final is the finish line for home crowd favourite Kristin Kuuba at Yonex Estonian Internati...
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