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References and Examples

Uses BadmintonPeople as official badminton portal and CMS for federation websites

Portal features: Team Tournaments, Results, Individual Tournaments and Registration with payment, Rankings, Season plans, Federation webshop and much more.
Go to - Badminton Denmarks official website:
Auto-updated staff lists, calendar views, news module and much more.
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English version - click here

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Badminton Europe: Uses BadmintonPeople for their new website - Badminton Europes official website:
Professional news module, map page of Europe, player profiles, member associaltions, calendar system, ranking previews, development projects, live TV page and much more.
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Badminton Clubs

Several Badminton clubs uses BadmintonPeople to build and show the Club Website, Share pictures and files, Member communication, Member database etc.

For example:

Solrød Strand Badmintonklub - Danish club that plays in the best league

Contact us to learn more about website/CMS: Click here

News from Badminton Europe

Help us to do better
7/19/2018 12: | Rasmus Bech(BEC) |
What kind of content would you like to see on the Badminton Europe platforms? Please help us to do b...
Pugh and Smith upset second seeds in opening round
7/18/2018 | David Grice(BEC) |
It was a memorable day for England’s Jessica Pugh and Lauren Smith, who managed to topple women’s do...
Leverdez before LCW clash: I’ll bring my A game
7/18/2018 1 | Rasmus Bech(BEC) |
For the second consecutive year Brice Leverdez will face Lee Chong Wei, Malaysia, at the World Champ...
Strong European Interest
7/17/2018 1 | Mark Males |
Moving on from the Thailand Open, the 2018 Singapore Open gets underway on the 17th July, with a lar...
Leverdez vs Chong Wei – The World Championship rematch
7/17/2018 1 | Rasmus Bech(BEC) |
For the second consecutive year Brice Leverdez will face Lee Chong Wei at the World Championships. ...
European clashes in the doubles
7/17/2018 1 | Rasmus Bech(BEC) |
In the doubles categories it is hard to make any predictions ahead of the TOTAL BWF World Championsh...
Brice Leverdez: It’s not my final destination
7/16/2018 | Alan Raftery |
Entertainer, fighter and an early round giant killer.These are the perhaps the first things you thin...
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