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Volunteers evolve their professional skills in Odense

10/3/2018 11:18 AM | |  Lasse Kjær Hansen
Each year Badminton Denmark humbly takes on the help from hundreds of volunteer hands during DANISA DENMARK OPEN presented by VICTOR. Fortunately, according to our volunteers, their work during the event is of great benefit, when it comes to developing their own professional skill set. 

For Badminton Denmark it is always a great pleasure when we humbly obtain the help, that volunteer badminton enthusiasts each year offer in week 42 in Odense.
Without the effort, that our volunteers put into DANISA DENMARK OPEN presented by VICTOR, the event wouldn’t be, by all appearances, what it is.

Fortunately, according to our volunteers, it goes both ways. On top of getting as close as possible to the stars of the sport, the volunteers themselves get something back on a both professional and social level by taking part in one of the world’s biggest and most prestigious badminton tournaments.

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At least, that is what, among others, Sports Management student and sports enthusiast Yanni Cai from China tells in the wake of last year’s event, where she worked as a volunteer translator.

- It is a very good experience and it is also a very good chance to meet all of them (the players, ed.). You get really close to the players, which the audience cannot be in the same way, so you can get a really good communication with them. You can also get some professional advice, which you normally won’t get, she says.

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Danish journalism student Jade Wittenkamp also recounts her experience as a volunteer press worker during last year’s event as granting her with a significant professional profit.

- I had only been doing my study for about a month when I came out as a volunteer press worker at last year’s tournament and I have to say, in relation to my education the work gave me an advantage of several months, says Jade Wittenkamp.

Particularly, the aspiring journalist emphasizes the great deal of trust and responsibility, that she was handed as a volunteer.

- I’m a badminton player myself, so getting to play a role in an event like Denmark Open was, for me, such a cool and fun experience. I got the chance to evolve my skills on producing television, interviewing, reporting and with social media, says Jade Wittenkamp and adds.

- Being a volunteer press worker gave me both confidence and skills valuable for the work area, that I will be facing when I finish my education.

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