Surprising defeat to Zhang Nan/Li Yinhui

10/17/2018 9:54 PM | |  Martin Riber and Søren Nielsen
After Tueday’s exciting matches Zhang Nan/Li Yinhui and Ricky Karandasuwardi/Debby Susanto opened the second day of DANISA DENMARK OPEN presented by VICTOR. This led to yet another unexpected result in the tournament. 

The three-time winner of the Danish tournament, Zhang Nan, chased his fourth title. The three titles he had got so far consisted of two men’s doubles and one mixed double which he won in 2013 with his former partner Zhao Yunlei.

Though the Chinese couple were expected to win they faced defeat to Karandasuwardi/Susanto in two straight sets losing 15-21, 15-21. Despite having lost this match Zhang Nan is still a part of the Men’s doubles.
Therefore he did not hesitate to turn his focus there:

- I still have the chance at men’s doubles so I will concentrate on that and put my focus there, Zhang Nan said after the match

The first game started off with great intensity and equal play. The two couples followed each other almost point by point resulting in the scoreboard saying 7-7 early on.

Susanto/ Karandasuwardi went to break leading 11-10 thanks to some great serve situations that gave them the advantage. After the break the Indonesian couple took the charge and secured a 21-15 win.

The Chinese had to show more skill in the second game if they wanted a chance of winning the match. But they did not manage to do so and suddenly they could see themselves being behind 3-6.

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Unforced errors characterized Zhang/Yinhui’s game until the break where they were behind 8-11. As the pressure raised they tried to maintain coolness but without much luck. Yinhui missed an expensive point by letting the ball drop in hope seeing it outside the line but neither here they had success. 

Errors like those combined with a well-playing Indonesian couple gave the underdogs a match point at the score 20-15. This was all the cold-blooded Indonesian mixed double needed to close a two set match with the score 21-15, 21-15. About their further chances by DANISA DENMARK OPEN presented by VICTOR, Ricky Karandasuwardi/Debby Susanto said:

- We just want to enjoy playing match by match and see where it ends. 


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