Danish favorite: New para-tournament shows initiative

10/18/2018 9:47 AM |  BadmintonDenmark.com |  Stine Gregersen
To play VICTOR DENMARK PARA presented by DANISA on home ground is an experience that the Danish players thoroughly enjoy.

- This tournament shows that Badminton Denmark is willing to do something for this para sport to develop it.

Cathrine Rosengren says so about Badminton Denmark’s new initiative VICTOR DENMARK PARA presented by DANISA which is played alongside DANISA DENMARK OPEN 2018 presented by VICTOR. 
The international para badminton tournament is played by 89 para badminton players from all over the world, where everyone has a physical handicap of varying degree.

In the category SL5-SU5 we find Cathrine Rosengren, that earlier today got through to the next round of women’s single after a convincing victory at 21-7, 21-6 against the Scottish player Mary Wilson.

Rosengren is also top seeded in women’s single that four Danish players are represented in.

- The unity of the team is really good and it has always been that way. We’re only four girls so we’ve always been a small group that work well together and that’s very nice, Cathrine says about her team mates.

Also Simone Meyer Larsen was in a match in women’s single earlier today in the category SS6. Despite Rosengren’s coaching during the game, Larsen didn’t make it through to the next round of the tournament. 

Astrid Riis, Cathrine Rosengren and Julie Thrane is going to play again tomorrow in women’s single.


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