Tai Tzu Ying looked imperious against Nehwal in first final of the day

10/21/2018 12:50 PM | |  Sebastian Skov Andersen
Tai Tzu Ying looked imperious as she brought home Sunday’s first trophy, defeating Saina Nehwal in an elegant fashion. The 28-year-old Indian crowd-favorite, despite winning the second game, never stood a real chance against the 24-year-old Taiwanese superstar. 

- I am pretty excited because I really enjoy the competition in Denmark. The Danish are really nice, commented Tai after her win, smiling from ear to ear. 

Tai Tzu Ying had not lost to Saina Nehwal in their last ten matchups - a streak that was never under pressure in the first final here at DANISA DENMARK OPEN 2018 presented by VICTOR.

The first game started off with a display of at once elegance and domination. Tai Tzu Ying looking sharp as a knife on court, making close to no mistakes and sweeping Nehwal off the court from the get go, leading 11-5 at the break. 

Coming out of the break, Tai Tzu Ying lost three quick points but soon picked up on her faultless play once again. Despite Nehwal trailing behind, rallies were long and fans were treated to a great show in the first game, which ended at a score of 21-13 in favor of the Taiwanese player

In the second game, things looked considerably brighter for the Indian, playing with more power and only making a few unforced errors. Tai kept her pace but couldn’t score points and made several mistakes, quickly falling behind and trailing 5-11 at the break. 

Nehwal was once again on top after the break, playing patiently and winning longer duels. She soon went on to take the second game with a score of 13-21.

- I didn’t feel nervous at all, because I have confidence in myself. I know what I can do, said Tai about her loss in the second game. 

In the third game, Tai looked reborn and borderline humiliated Nehwal, who barely put up a fight, heading into the break down 11-2. From that point on, the 24-year-old left Nehwal fumbling around in a cloud of dust as she raced to the podium, winning with a score of 21-6. 

This is Tai Tzu Ying’s eight major tournament victory in 2018, including both All England and Asian Games. It would have been Saina Nehwal’s first, were she to win. 


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