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Mróz: I will be there

11/29/2019 9:56 AM | |  Emilie Sommer (BEC)

The next edition of ´European Para badminton Towards Tokyo 2020´ features Bartlomiej Mróz from Poland. 

The twenty-five-year-old competes in the Standing Upper 5 sport class in para badminton and is the world’s number four in SU5. 

Watch the video to see how Mróz is looking forward to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games and what he focuses on in his preparations. 

Smart instead of hard

To qualify for the Paralympic Games in 2020 there are a lot of things that Mróz finds important. For him there is not only one thing that needs to be improved. 

- I know everything is important to prepare, physically, mentally and tactically, Mróz says. 

The hard training is important for some players, but for Mróz the smart training is more important than “twenty hours of training each day”. 

- I train hard but I care more about smart training. I talk a lot with the coaches about what we can do better and how we can do this to prepare better, he continues. 

I never lose my mind

Bartlomiej Mróz is full of confidence, which you can hear in his quotes. He is a focused player, who always has his eyes on the goal. The road to Tokyo adds a lot of motivation to the Polish player, which he uses to practice even harder. 

- This year is a very big chance for me to make my dreams, and this is a big motivation for me because this is one thing I always dream about. I work hard every day to be there. 

- I still think I can be there at the Paralympics. I never lose my hope. Every day I still imagine how it would be nice to be there. I train very hard to do this and I never lose my mind. I will be there, he ends. 

You can follow Mróz's journey towards Tokyo 2020 here

Stay tuned for the next edition of ‘European Para badminton Towards Tokyo 2020’.

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