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Top 50 is the goal for the season

11/26/2019 2:02 PM | |  Emilie Sommer (BEC)

Mai Surrow and Mathias Thyrri are one of the Danish mixed doubles who are doing well in the circuit tournaments at the moment. 

Denmark do not have a top mixed doubles pair at the moment, but a lot of mixed doubles who are doing well at circuit level. Of course, the national centre does not have room for all of these mixed doubles pairs, but is it realistic for Thyrri and Surrow to be one of the pairs that get the chance?

- I hope it is. We are trying our best every day and train a lot. Maybe, maybe not, Surrow ended. 

As the pair is not a part of the national training set-up at the moment, they do not get funded and have to pay the costs themselves. With the many tournaments they are playing, it is not cheap. We asked them what their motivation is to keep playing. 

- First of all, I love to play badminton. Second of all, we have some goals that we want to achieve. We will just continue playing, and hopefully go to the national centre someday, Thyrri said. 

Aiming for top 50

For now, they are number 42 on the circuit ranking and 126 on the world ranking. This is due to their new partnership, which began just a couple months ago. 

Before this partnership they both had other partners. Thyrri played with Elisa Meldgaard and Surrow played with Mikkel Mikkelsen. Both of the players also play the doubles. 

- We are trying to make it through to the top 50 this season. It is our first season together and we have never played together before. Some team matches maybe, but it is not quite the same. So, there is a lot of work to do, and if we make it into the top 50, I will be very happy, Surrow said. 

Surrow and Thyrri have not won any tournaments yet, but since they began their partnership, they have reached the quarterfinal at the Dubai International Challenge, Irish Open and Scottish Open. 

- We have a good chance by making it into the top 50. We have played together for two-three months and are improving all the time, Thyrri stated. 

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