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Tabeling and Piek: pairs will be scared of us

12/18/2019 4:02 PM |  BadmintonEurope.com |  Alan Raftery
Listen to the latest episode of the BEC Podcast with Dutch mixed doubles pair Robin Tabeling and Selena Piek.

It is always a challenge to form a new partnership and for it to hit the ground running, but that is precisely what has been achieved by Tabeling and Piek. After establishing their new partnership in January, they have won three titles; the Austrian Open, Brazil International and the Super 100 Dutch Open in front of their home crowd.

Talking about how they feel about their partnership and the connection they have, Piek says.

- We are both players who are not afraid to tell each other things. Robin can also be criticised a lot by me, and he is open to that. I think mentally and the effort that we are willing to put in, it is very equal. It’s a nice balance, and not one-sided, which is what a good and healthy relationship should be like. 

- I can handle a lot, but if I cannot handle it anymore, I would tell her. Selena is the most experienced and has been on the bigger stage, Tabeling adds. 

The future is bright  
On the podcast, the pair talk about their biggest and most memorable wins of the year, including their win over world number three, Yuta Watanabe and Arisa Higashino.

They also are open about the pressures of building a new partnership, the lows after the European Games, and then the highs of the World Championships. They explain the difference between being the favourite and underdog, their tournament planning for Olympic qualification, and the open European mixed doubles category, as well as plans post-Olympics.

Looking to the future, the pair states that.

- Our main focus is that we are going to be consistent. If we are able to do that, then there will be plenty of pairs who will be scared of us. 

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