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Lyduch: That is an important thing

1/29/2020 2:16 PM | |  Emilie Sommer (BEC)

Listen to the latest episode of the BEC Podcast with Jonas Lyduch. 

Jonas Lyduch is 39-years old and comes from Denmark. In the last couple of years Lyduch has been coaching the Dutch players. As a coach working with players on different levels, what is the most significant skill to have? 

- I find it difficult to get on the same page in coaching situations if you do not build some kind of good relation. And by relation, I mean, that you can both be hard on the player, but you can also joke around a little bit and talk about other stuff. For me that is an important thing, Lyduch states. 

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The Dutch singles situation

With Mark Caljouw living in Denmark and practicing mainly with Lyduch, Gayle Mahulette living and training at the BEC Centre of Excellence in Holbæk, Denmark and Soraya De Visch Eijbergen living in Switzerland and sometimes the Netherlands, the singles group is almost non existent at the Dutch Federation at the moment. 

Go to the podcast to find out the reason, as well as the expectations for the Dutch teams at the European Men’s and Women’s Team Champions in France and much more. 

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