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Nguyen: It is quite tough times for everyone now

3/19/2020 3:31 PM |  BadmintonEurope.com |  Alan Raftery
Europe has a number of very promising rising talents spread across the continent. The Emerald Isle in the west are excited by a young Irishman called Nhat Nguyen. 

Nguyen, 19, was born in Hanoi, Vietnam, but moved to Ireland at only six years of age. The badminton community started taking note of the young star when winning the Welsh International and becoming the runner-up at the Irish Open in 2017, at only 17. The following year, Nguyen medalled with a bronze at the European Junior Championships in Tallinn. Only narrowly losing out in three games to another super talent, Christo Popov.

Though still a teenager, Nguyen has a mature outlook on life, and shares his opinion on the recent significant badminton announcement of tournament suspensions.  

-I think most players and including myself saw the news coming. It was wasn’t a surprise since all the other sports like football and basketball had already taken action upon the crisis to suspend their leagues and campaigns. But I definitely feel it was a right decision from our governing body as I think there comes a stage when people’s health and safety come first and that has to be a priority.

I encourage everyone to do their bit
Nguyen describes the situation that is unfolding in Ireland. 

-So yes, it is quite tough times for everyone now. Not only for us athletes, but for everyone. I know a lot of jobs will be lost in the next couple of weeks due to all the closures of schools, colleges, businesses, pubs etc. Of course, it is very tough times for everyone, but I encourage everyone to do their bit and support each in these tough times.

Players everywhere have had to adapt to the new circumstances. Nguyen shares how he is thinking about the uncertain future. 

-For me I will remain training the same, trying to peak for the Olympics in the upcoming weeks/months. That is if it is indeed going ahead. I know there has been some rumours about a cancellation/postponement, but the Olympics committee to my knowledge haven’t confirmed anything yet about this. I cannot really comment on what they will do, but I really hope the Olympics will get the go ahead. But if it comes to it that it doesn’t take place, I think everyone will understand that it would be for a better good. Everyone’s health is the most important.

-At the moment, my teammates and myself are doing our own training program to stay in shape like gym and running. Because most of our on-court facilities are closed for the next couple of days. Tough times! But I have no doubt that it will get better soon, Nguyen adds. 

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