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Sergey Sirant: I want to improve my skills

6/24/2020 8:37 AM | |  Emilie Sommer (BEC)

The 25 year old Russian men’s singles player, Sergey Sirant, has in his carrer reached eight finals and won three of them. But tournaments opportunities are there not a lot of at the time being. 

There have not been any tournaments since All England Open in March, where everything was closed down afterwards. But in August there will again be tournaments to play. Despite only having four months left of the 2020 season Sirant still has a goal. 

- My goal this year is to get in the best possible shape before the upcoming Race to Tokyo. I want to improve my skills to make my game better.

The players have had a break from playing tournaments for about 3 months and will continue that break until at least August. Some h ave used the break to rest and maybe recover from injuries while others has tried to train just as much. Speaking about how he has been preparing to get back to playing on the circuit, he says. 

- At the moment I train in Kazan. Despite the situation with the corona virus, we have already started to train as normal. So hopefully I will be able to test my strength on the circuit soon. 

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Climbing the ranking

Sirant is currently the highest ranked Russian men’s singles player ranked as number 68 in the world with five places down to Vladimir Malkov as number 73. But to climb the ranking even more is just a step on the way to his goal. 

- My main goal for this period is to get to the Olympic Games and perform successfully. One of the steps is getting into the top 20. To which I now aspire.


Winning a tournament on home soil is always big for players, but winning a tournament in the city where you were born and grew up is even bigger, which for Sirant has been the biggest achievement so far in his career. 

- My biggest achievement must be when I won the Russian Open Grand Prix in 2017. Not only because I am from Russia, but also because I was born from Vladivostok, where the tournament took place. It was nice to hear how friends and family supported me. 

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