Breaking: Lin Dan announces retirement

7/5/2020 3:19 PM | |  Rasmus Bech(BEC)
The Chinese legend retires from the national team.

On Saturday morning CTGN published an article in which is was announced that the Chinese legend, Lin Dan has chosen to retire from the Chinese national team.

- My physical capabilities and injuries won't let me fight with my teammates anymore, said the 36-year-old men's singles. 

It is currently not clear if the retirement is from the national team only or from badminton in general. However, former team mate Bao Chunlai, who came up with Lin Dan through the youth ranks posted this on his Weibo.

-It's somewhat sudden, but understandable. The last person of that generation who persevered has also walked to the end. 

Lin Dan has been one of the most successful badminton players of all time winning two Olympic gold medals and five World Championships titles. 

Fellow legend, friend and career rival, Lee Chong Wei, who himself retired last year, posted this poetic message on his social media. 

-We knew this day would arrive. Heavy moment of our lives. You pulled down the curtain gracefully. You were king where we fought so proudly. Your final wave all four disappear. Within the hush of silent tear.

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