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The main draw is just around the corner

3/23/2023 3:46 PM |  BadmintonEurope.com |  Joana Trindade (BEC)
On the second day of the ORLEN Polish Open 2023, the qualification round is close to an end, as tomorrow morning the last matches will be played before the main draw starts.

Being a tournament with 434 entries, the qualification round occupies entire days in Tarnów. Today, the athletes are fighting for a place in the main draw, but only tomorrow they’ll have the final opportunity to secure their spot.

For now, the Polish players have been achieving good results. Here are some of Poland’s wins from earlier this morning:

Mixed doubles

Szymon Slepecki/ Dominika Kwasnik 21-14 21-19 Francisco Olivares/ Nerea Ivorra (Spain)
Robert Cybulski/ Kornelia Marczak 21-12 21-8 Sebastian Kadlec/ Olivia Kadlecova (Slovakia)
Tomasz Kotlarski/ Anna Czuchra 21-19 24-22 Oleksii Titov/ Yevheniia Kantemyr (Ukraine)

Women’s doubles

Aleksandra Radziszewska/ Aleksandra Wronska (walkover)

Men’s doubles

Igor Jasek/ Piotr Tomaszewski (walkover)

Matches are being played until late in the evening and www.badmintoneurope.tv is streaming them all. Check our social media for more exclusive content.

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