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U15 talents battling for gold in Ibiza

9/21/2022 7:43 PM |  BadmintonEurope.com |  Joana Trindade (BEC)
200 young players are performing at the 2022 European U15 Championships, here in Ibiza. In the next three days the rising stars will battle for their first medals at European Championships.

The 2022 tournament kicked-off today in Ibiza, Spain. From September 21 to 24, talents from all over Europe are competing at the sports hall, Pavelló Sa Blanca Dona. 

Starting in 2014, the Championships are organized and held by Badminton Europe every two years. The competition counts with the presence of 200 promising young players, from 30 different countries. Today’s matches started at 9:00 CET and competition will last at least 12 hours. All the kids cheering and supporting their teammates creates an amazing atmosphere in the hall.

Today, the prospects are performing in the first round of 64, trying to make their way to the finals in the following couple of days. Tomorrow, the schedule begins early in the morning with the round of 32 and some of the matches are already defined. 

“Ibiza is like a paradise. The people make it a nice experience, because they light up the environment”, says Iñigo Marín, communication officer of the Spanish Federation. Regarding to the Championships, “it’s awesome, because you can see the next champions of the world, Olympic champions. And you get to see young players, learning badminton and sports”.    

Competition starts every day at 9:00 CET and the livestream of all five courts can be watched on www.badmintoneurope.tv.

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