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US Open Starts with Growing Olympic Hype

6/25/2024 4:25 PM |  BadmintonEurope.com |  Lukas Aktor
The US Open is taking place amidst a fascinating time as the 2024 Olympic Paris Games are slowly approaching. Viewers will get to see one of their last glimpses of the Olympic athletes in action for a high-level Super 300 tournament.

Ben Lane & Sean Vendy, Kirsty Gilmour, Jan Louda, Nhat Nguyen, Kristin Kuuba are among some of the European Olympic qualifiers who will try their luck to go for the glory just before their Olympic Games participation next month.

Ben Lane & Sean Vendy are seeded in first place in this tournament. If they manage to pull it off, it would be their second Super 300 Championship of 2024 and a significant milestone in their career after winning this year's Swiss Open in Basel. It would also serve as a much-needed confidence boost before the important Olympic games.

A player like Kirsty Gilmour, seeded in third place in this tournament, facing the likes of the home-crowd’s favorite Beiwen Zhang, will also have extra motivation to secure her victory as she has been fighting an uphill battle in trying to win a major championship. However, she secured a second-place finish at the European Championships in 2024, as she did in 2022. She will be playing in her third Olympic in Paris.

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