Fun Badminton Videos

Fun & Trick Shots Badminton Videos

Longest rally in badminton history: Tien Minh Nguyen and Jan O Jorgensen
Badminton - amazing and funny moments, rallies and trickshots
Viktor Axelsen amazing badminton TRICK SHOT

Crazy Badminton - A really long rally!
Badminton Single Trick shots
Pete Stokes goes for World Record: Keeping as many shuttlecocks in the air as possible

All England Championships - Highlights, best rallies and trickshots
Pete Stokes shows just how accurate you can be
Badminton - fastest sport in the world

Lee Chong Wei epic trick shots!
Funny Badminton - Lin Dan's serve sends Peter Rasmussen to the floor
Badminton men's singles trickshots

Badminton 59 shot doubles rally with trick shot ending
The Most Thrilling Final In Badminton History - Doubles World Championships 2009
The most insane Badminton moments
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