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It’s time for the quarterfinals
6/2/2023 4:54:59 | Joana Trindade (BEC) |
Players will now compete for a spot in the semifinals to be played tomorrow on what will be the l...
Europeans secure medals at Thailand Open
6/2/2023 4:28:59 | Sara Gonzalez Martinez |
Europeans faced stiff competition last week in the Malaysia Masters, as none managed to make it to t...
The race to the quarterfinals unfolds in Bangkok
6/1/2023 5:19:11 | Sara Gonzalez Martinez (BEC) |
The third day of the TOYOTA GAZOO RACING Thailand Open 2023 has been marked by good fights in the se...
The key contests have started in Bonn
6/1/2023 5:10:15 | Joana Trindade (BEC) |
The second day of the YONEX Bonn International is halfway through and we already saw some intense ma...
Big wins in the first round of the main draw
5/31/2023 3:24:43 | Sara Gonzalez Martinez (BEC) |
The main draw has started today at the TOYOTA GAZOO RACING Thailand Open 2023. After the kick-off...

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Medallist says Transplant Games were 'emotional'
5/12/2023 6:53:07 | |
Andy Taylor, from Watford, won silver in badminton seven years after a kidney and liver transplant.
'Transplant Games gives me post-op goal'
4/11/2023 6:55:15 | |
Andy Taylor makes his mark in international sport after a kidney condition made him "look pregnant".
Badminton star sent death threats from gamblers
4/2/2023 10:21:36 | |
Commonwealth Games medallist Kirsty Gilmour says she feels violated by sickening messages.
Defending champions fall at All England Open
3/16/2023 10:59:33 | |
Defending champions, including two-time winner Viktor Axelsen, fell on a day of shock results at the All England Open.
Romance makes GB badminton pair try harder
3/13/2023 5:59:10 | |
British badminton players Lauren Smith and Marcus Ellis tell BBC Sport how their off-court romance helps their on-court performance.

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